July 8-11, 2020

Since our first camp in the summer of 1987, we have had the privilege of hosting thousands of high school-age kids in our camps as we served together in the City of Petersburg. Since 2019, we have welcomed students and working adults aged 18-25+ from across the mid-Atlantic region to a condensed Workcamp experience where we gather together to serve in the Petersburg community and help prepare for the younger generation campers coming a week later.

Young Adult Workcamp is based on groups of people from all places and backgrounds coming together to help rebuild homes and lives in Petersburg, VA. During the week, you will work together with your crew for a resident on a myriad of different projects on their home while also gaining a greater understanding of people and God’s love.

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Projects can include porch & step repair, handicap ramps, drywall, floor & wall replacement, painting, and more! Each evening we have programs that offer inspiration through games, music, worship, and other special activities scheduled throughout the week! The last morning, Saturday, we have a celebration that culminates the week of service in the community, worship, music, and more with all the residents that graciously invited us into their homes throughout the week!

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Check out the Registration page for more info on how to apply and pricing information.