GoFundMe for Palestine Group!

Palestine to Petersburg is happening this summer!

For three prior years, teams of Palestinian youth have traveled to Virginia to work side by side with us at Workcamp, and we want to continue that trend!

Having this group of teens join us here creates so many ripple effects.  Misunderstanding about the Arab/Palestinian culture is erased.  The Middle Eastern teens get to experience freedom without fear.  All of the teens become aware of poverty and need in U.S. families and neighborhoods.

When asked what was important about participating in Workcamp, Ameed said, for the first time, he is able to be on the giving end of help instead of the receiving end. It is a door of hope for teens who are in a hopeless situation in their homeland.

Check out the page for more information & consider giving to enable this unique opportunity!

GoFundMe page:  https://www.gofundme.com/5ejvhcxb