GoFundMe for Palestine Group

Palestine to Petersburg is happening again this summer!

For a fourth year, teens from St Philips Church in Nablus will join us at Tri-Cities WorkCamp!

The group will be here July 19 - 31, 2018.  In order to get the best fares possible, we need to have the money for flights ASAP.  The earlier we can reserve, the better group fares they can get from the airlines.

The funds we are asking for are to cover asssistance with their visas and plane travel. Travel from Nablus is risky and challenging, especially getting permission to leave their occupied land.  After traveling on an 7-10 hour journey through checkpoints in Palestine they will reach Jordan.  Their plane will fly them from Amman to Washington D.C. where we will pick them up.  Host families here will help them prepare for camp.

With all the disparaging news about happenings in the Middle East, these youth are shining examples of their church, schools, families and faith.  The ripple effects of sharing in work and play are immeasurable!  

Lives are changed.  Families are changed.  Neighborhoods are given hope.  Cultures are shared and bonds of love are created and lasting friendships are grown.  All of  this happens for the price of a plane ticket.  PLEASE consider being a part of this understanding and peace.    

Check out the page for more information & consider giving to enable this unique opportunity!

GoFundMe page:  https://www.gofundme.com/r2vb6-hand-in-hand